Worth Conservation Area is located in the south east of Crawley, outside the Built-Up Area Boundary. We designated Worth as a conservation area in March 1987, recognising the need to preserve and enhance the character of the area surrounding the Parish Church of St Nicholas, which is one of the finest Saxon buildings in England. The boundaries of the conservation area were drawn specifically to protect this rural character.

Worth Conservation Area statement was revised in February 2018, and is a material consideration when the council determines planning proposals for the area. The conservation area statement identifies the special architectural and historical values of the area and the features that contribute to its character and appearance. It sets out guidance that should be taken into account by development proposals and establishes wider management proposals for the future enhancement of the conservation area.

Worth Conservation Area statement is accompanied by a consultation statement which details feedback submitted during consultation on the draft conservation area statement, and the council’s response to representations, including how these have been taken into account in preparing the adopted version of the conservation area statement.

Conservation Area Advisory Committee (CAAC)

Worth CAAC provides comments on planning applications that are submitted within Worth Conservation Area.