Forestfield and Shrublands

Forestfields and Shrublands are two adjoining housing estates within Furnace Green that are located to the south of St Leonards Drive and Weald Drive. Both the Shrublands housing estate and in particular, the Forestfields housing estate, are also directly adjacent to Tilgate Park.

Although the two estates are different, they both contain a number of architectural and design features, which are characteristic of the time they were constructed in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. It is these features which give the area its special appearance and warrant the designation of the two estates as a conservation area. The particular features include, architectural style, materials, layout of the buildings, relationship of buildings to landscaping and open space; and vehicular and pedestrian segregation.

The conservation area was designated on 15 October 1996 to protect the distinctive character and appearance of the area and to ensure that any development proposals are of a scale, form, and design that respects the existing character and setting. The conservation area statement was revised in October 1998 and provides a character appraisal for the area and guidance that should be followed when any development takes place.

Conservation Area Advisory Committee (CAAC)

Forestfield and Shrublands CAAC provide comments on planning applications that are submitted within the conservation area.