Queens Square and The Broadway

The Queens Square and The Broadway Conservation Area is located in Crawley Town Centre and is focused on the central shopping and commercial district built in the 1950s to serve Crawley New Town. The Area represents a relatively intact and extensive example of post-war town centre planning in one of England's original New Towns. These origins are reflected in the overall scheme, the approach to design, the architectural features, detailing and materials characteristic of the area.
Proposals for the Queens Square and The Broadway Conservation Area, detailed in a draft appraisal and supporting consultant evidence, were subject to consultation in February-March 2021 and the Conservation Area was designated on 2 November 2022. The designation will serve to reinforce and celebrate Crawley’s New Town character and heritage and help ensure that any development proposals are of a scale, form, and design that respects the existing character and setting of the Area. In due course a Conservation Area Statement will be prepared in cooperation with stakeholders, and once adopted this will provide a character appraisal for the Area and will set out guidance that should be followed when any development takes place.