Ifield Village

Ifield Village conservation area (IVCA), is situated in the north west corner of Crawley. The area around the church was first designated as a conservation area in 1981, for its historical and architectural value and its location close to the meadows and the countryside. The conservation area was expanded in 1992 to include Ifield Village Green, Rectory Lane and Tweed Lane, and again in 2013 to include Ifield Green and Langley Lane.

Ifield Village is designated as a conservation area as it retains its unique character as a small, scattered rural settlement, focused upon an historic church and public house. In addition to the contribution made to the area’s historic character by the many fine buildings, a number of other features contribute to its importance, including Ifield Village Green.

Conservation Area Advisory Committee (CAAC)

Ifield Village CAAC provides comments on planning applications that are submitted within Ifield Village Conservation Area.