St Peters

St Peters Conservation Area is situated in West Green. The area has medieval origins which are still reflected today in the street layout, and includes the remnants of the village green which surrounds the church. The area remained a small hamlet until the mid 19th century, when it saw substantial growth, and its architecture is predominantly Victorian in style. St Peter’s was erected on the village green in 1892 and remains a fine example of a late 19th century chapel.

The conservation area was designated in 1996 with the aim being to preserve and enhance the distinctive character of St Peters; to maintain the quality of the buildings and the space around them, keeping true to the original design and materials where possible.

The conservation area statement was revised in April 2005 and provides a character appraisal for the area and guidance that should be followed when any development takes place. The Conservation Area boundary was amended in November 2022 to include the Grade II Listed 60-62 Ifield Road.

Conservation Area Advisory Committee (CAAC)

Central Crawley CAAC provides comments on planning applications that are submitted within Dyers Almshouses Conservation Area, High Street Conservation Area, St Peters Conservation Area, and the Sunnymead Flats Conservation Area.