Gossops Green Neighbourhood Centre

The Gossops Green Neighbourhood Centre Conservation Area comprises the neighbourhood centre of Crawley’s Gossops Green neighbourhood, together with some adjacent areas of housing and open space. Gossops Green was the last neighbourhood centre to be developed by Crawley Development Corporation as part of the original Crawley New Town masterplan and the Area is considered to represent one of the more successful examples of the application of the ‘neighbourhood’ concept, with different elements, typical of post-war architecture and planning, relating to each other in a visually satisfying way.
Proposals for the Gossops Green Neighbourhood Centre Conservation Area, detailed in a draft appraisal and supporting consultant evidence, were subject to consultation in February to March 2021 and the Conservation Area was designated on 2 November 2022. The designation will serve to reinforce and celebrate Crawley’s New Town character and heritage and help ensure that any development proposals are of a scale, form, and design that respects the existing character and setting of the Area. In due course a Conservation Area Statement will be prepared in cooperation with stakeholders, and once adopted this will provide a character appraisal for the Area and will set out guidance that should be followed when any development takes place.