Energy efficient homes

Water saving

We are working in partnership with Cenergist to improve the water efficiency of council housing by installing water saving (Control Flow) devices.

The device regulates the flow of water and stabilises the water pressure, giving improved water efficiency that also results in water being heated more efficiently. Learn more about the water saving devices on Control Flow's website.

Cenergist installers are working a neighbourhood at a time and will write to Crawley Homes tenants when they are in their area. The device and installation are completely free to council tenants.

Warmer homes and lower carbon emissions

Crawley Homes has joined NetZero Collective - a nationwide group working together to make a positive impact by reducing carbon emissions.

Council housing in Crawley is a mixture of flats and houses built between 1915 and the present day. Many of these homes were built to create Crawley New Town. We want to provide our tenants with more affordable energy, heating and hot water in warm, well insulated homes. But it’s becoming increasingly difficult for us to design and fit energy efficient systems in the older homes. 

Using the groups’ expertise and shared experiences we can find the best ways to make our properties warmer and more energy efficient while lowering carbon emissions.

Pilot project

We currently have ten council homes in a pilot programme. We have chosen different property types of various age and build which will allow us to explore a range of energy efficient options for them.

The pilot is a new and exciting way of making the most of the options available. We hope to extend it to more properties soon.

The process

  1. Monitor - First we monitor properties measuring indicators including: temperature, humidity and electrical energy usage.
  2. Design – The monitoring data enables us to design a complete retrofit using energy efficient heating, hot water and electricity. This could include, solar panels, batteries, air source heat pumps, plus new insulation.
  3. Install - Once the design is agreed the work is done. After completion we continue to monitor these homes to see how much impact the work has had.

Pilot properties

These have been monitored for six months and have now been surveyed ready for design proposals.

Take part

We will soon ask for more volunteer council properties to join the scheme.

If you have any questions or you’d like more information please email Alan Moore, Mechanical, Electrical and Energy Efficiency Surveyor.

An affordable, warm and nice place to live

The programme will:

  • help us develop the right energy efficient solutions for each property type
  • bring lower energy bills for residents
  • prevent fuel poverty
  • provide warm, well ventilated homes and a positive environment for residents.

The project will help us reach our target of net zero carbon emissions before 2050.