Rechargeable repairs

Charging for repairs and maintenance

Most of the repair and maintenance work that we carry out is not charged to you, as you pay for the repair and maintenance services in your rent, however there are some exceptions. 

You may be charged:

  • For the cost of repairing any damage caused by negligence or lack of care, by yourself or any of your visitors
  • For any repairs that cannot be regarded as fair wear and tear
  • For any repairs that are your responsibility

Repairs that are your responsibility include:

  • Replacing locks/keys when you get locked out or keys are lost
  • Replacing broken or cracked glass in internal doors or doorways
  • Resetting trip switches
  • Replacing fuses, bulbs, fluorescent tubes and starters
  • Clearing blockages in sink, basin or bath wastes, toilets or other domestic drains
  • Repairing cracks and holes in plaster or partitions
  • Repairing any alterations or improvements you have made to your home
  • Repairing or paying for repairs caused by carelessness, neglect or misuse by your, your family or visitors

Your tenancy agreement includes clauses that relate to charging for repairs and maintenance.