Report a repair

You can report all repairs, including gas heating and hot water, by:

Normal office hours for Crawley Repairs Team are Monday to Friday 8am-5pm. Outside of office hours the number above is for emergency repairs only.

All repairs should be reported to Crawley Repairs Team and not your housing officer.

Children and pets

Please do not leave children under 16 alone in your home while we are working. Our staff will not carry out works where children are unaccompanied.

It is your responsibility to supervise your children and pets while we are working at your home in order to keep them safe.

Tackling condensation

For hints and tips on tackling damp and condensation take a look at our damp, condensation and mould page.

Know your Stopcock

A stopcock is a valve for turning the cold water system in your home on and off. It is usually found in your kitchen below the sink but not always.