Asylum seekers and refugees

This information is applicable if you are in accommodation provided by the Home Office and are applying for asylum to remain in the UK.

If you have received a positive decision on your asylum application

If you have not yet received a decision

  • you will be accommodated by the Home Office until you receive a decision on your application. Do not voluntarily leave this accommodation before a decision has been made on your application
  • you should start preparing for when you receive your decision (where will you live, how will you pay for it?)

If you have received a negative decision on your asylum application

  • you are not eligible for local authority services (including benefits) therefore you will not be owed a duty under homelessness legislation or be able to access the housing register
  • if you do not have any housing available to you and have one or more dependent children, you will be referred to Childrens Services at West Sussex County Council. If you do not have any dependant children you will need to arrange your own accommodation