Severe weather accommodation

The provision of shelter during severe weather is not a statutory duty, however there is a humanitarian obligation on local authorities to assist and for partners and the public to support these efforts. The aims of Severe Weather Emergency Protocol (SWEP) provision are to:

  • Prevent people from dying on the streets during severe weather
  • Engage with individuals (especially entrenched rough sleepers and other hard to reach groups) 

There is no single definition of severe weather. Any extreme conditions that increase the risk of harm to people sleeping rough can be classed as severe and includes severe cold, wind, snow, rain and heat.

What is available in Crawley?

Forecasted weather warnings are assessed and if SWEP is triggered, this will be communicated by social media and through local partners and organisations.

If triggered, the council provide accommodation on a nightly basis in the form of bed and breakfast accommodation or a communal shelter in partnership with local agencies.

How is SWEP provision accessed?

You can contact Housing Options, Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm, on 01293 438607. Outside of these hours, in an emergency, you can call 01293 438000.