Homelessness referral

To contact the council to get advice and/or assistance about your housing situation, or to apply as homeless you will need to complete the housing assessment form.

If you are unable to upload all the requested documents; submit the form and we will contact you to request any additional documents we need.

In the event of emergency homelessness outside of office hours, contact 01293 438000.

Tell us about your housing situation

Duty to Refer

Certain public bodies have a ‘Duty to Refer’ households who are homeless or threatened with homelessness to the council for advice and/or assistance. 

To make a referral complete the referral form and email it to the Assessment Service. If you are a group/organisation that does not have a statutory duty to refer you can still use the form or email us.

Our duty

For information on what happens when you approach the council for assistance and the legal duties we may owe you, refer to our homelessness leaflet.

If we owe you a prevention, relief or main housing duty we will look to resolve your homelessness through the housing register or the Crawley Deposit Service.