Urban design SPD

This relates to development of all scales and uses, and aims to help applicants submit good quality schemes, which meet national and local planning policy requirements.

It provides guidance about meeting requirements set by the following Local Plan policies:

  • Policy CH1: Neighbourhood principles 
  • Policy CH2: Principles of good urban design 
  • Policy CH3: Normal requirements of all new development 
  • Policy CH4: Comprehensive development and efficient use land 
  • Policy CH5: Standards for all new dwellings (including conversions) 
  • Policy CH9: Important views 
  • Policy CH9: Development outside the built-up area 
  • Policy IN4: Car and cycle parking standards

The urban design SPD also provides guidance specifically related to development affecting heritage assets. It expands on the policies established in the Local Plan:

  • Policy CH12: Heritage assets 
  • Policy CH13: Conservation areas 
  • Policy CH14: Areas of special local character 
  • Policy CH15: Listed buildings and structures 
  • Policy CH16: Locally listed buildings 
  • Policy CH17: Historic parks and gardens

The urban design SPD contains three additions which cover the following topics:

  • Parking standards 
  • Public art 
  • Mobile phone masts