East of Balcombe Road/Street Hill SPD

The draft Land East of Balcombe Road/Street Hill, Worth development brief has been prepared by the council to help guide the delivery of residential development, biodiversity and heritage enhancements at this site, which is allocated by the Crawley Borough Local Plan Policy H2. The development brief is unable to change or make new planning policy, but provides greater level of description and detail relating to the opportunities and constraints on the site, setting out guidance that builds upon the requirements set out in the Local Plan allocation.

We held an extended eight-week Public Consultation period for the brief between 17 July and 11 September 2017. Feedback received was carefully considered and led to some changes to the draft document. 

A further stage of public consultation on an amended draft took place between 23 November and 21 December 2018. In addition, two supporting documents were published to accompany the consultation for the draft development brief.

The latest version of this document is still being considered by the council and will be published in its final form once it is adopted as a Supplementary Planning Document.