Green infrastructure SPD

Crawley’s green infrastructure network supports the environment and the wellbeing of residents. Green infrastructure functions include: recreation, biodiversity, climate change mitigation/adaptation, drainage, transport, job creation, visual amenity, and food and fuel sources. 

The SPD sets out the key elements which make up important assets within Crawley and provides guidance on the following Local Plan policies:

  • Policy CH2 Principles of good urban design 
  • Policy CH3 Normal requirements of all new development 
  • Policy CH6 Tree planting and replacement standards 
  • Policy CH7 Structural landscaping 
  • Policy CH9 Development outside the built-up area 
  • Policy CH10 High Weald area of outstanding natural beauty 
  • Policy CH11 Rights of way and access to the countryside 
  • Policy CH13 Conservation areas 
  • Policy CH17 Historic parks and gardens 
  • Policy ENV1 Green infrastructure 
  • Policy ENV2 Biodiversity 
  • Policy ENV3 Local green space 
  • Policy ENV4 Open space, sport and recreation 
  • Policy ENV5 Provision of open space, sport and recreational facilities

A key element of green infrastructure planning is taking opportunities to create multi-functional green spaces; making the best use of available land. Consideration should be given to how each space functions as part of the wider green infrastructure network.