Local Plan Main Modifications consultation 2024

Consultation on the Main Modifications of the Crawley borough Local Plan 2023 to 2040 is open from Monday 12 February to Monday 25 March 2024. 

Comment on the modifications to the Local Plan

This consultation forms part of the Crawley borough Local Plan Examination. More information about the Crawley borough Local Plan Examination can be found on the Local Plan 2024 to 2040 examination webpage

Visit our Local Plan Review webpage to view the submission documents.

A number of post-submission documents to support the Local Plan Examination were published during the course of the hearings stage of the Local Plan Examination. View the post-submission documents on the Crawley Borough Council examination documents webpage.

All of the Local Plan supporting evidence documents are published and can be found using the Examination Library list. View the Examination Library on the Local Plan Review evidence base overview webpage.

Key documents


The Crawley borough Local Plan Main Modifications consultation is being made available for representations over a six week statutory consultation period starting from Monday 12 February to Monday 25 March 2024.

During this period, the Modifications Local Plan will be published and made available alongside other supporting documents, including the sustainability appraisal. 
At this stage comments can only be made on the proposed main modifications to the draft plan. This consultation is not an opportunity to raise matters relating to other parts of the plan that have already been considered by the inspectors during the examination process. 

In addition, minor changes to the draft plan, such as corrections and clarifications have been published, these changes make the plan clearer and provide factual updates but don't materially affect the implementation of the plan policies. These changes are listed in the schedule for completeness, but the inspector will not consider any comments made about these minor changes.

Making a representation

If you would like to comment on the main modifications to the Crawley borough Local Plan you will be required to comment on whether you consider the main modifications comply with legal requirements, the duty to cooperate, and whether the document is sound.

Representations must be received by the council no later than 5pm on 25 March 2024 or they will not be considered. All representations received within the statutory consultation period will be submitted to the planning inspectors appointed by the Secretary of State to carry out the independent examination of the Local Plan and its evidence base.

If you submitted a response to a previous Regulation 19 consultation, you do not need to resubmit or repeat these. They have been submitted to the inspector and considered as part of the Local Plan Examination.

Please let us know in writing if you are responding to withdraw your previous objections.

Representations should be provided in writing. This can be done by completing and submitting the council’s Local Plan Main Modifications consultation representation form, using the following methods: 

Copies of the representation form and guidance notes can be viewed, and printed out below:

Document availability

During the representation period, the Modifications Local Plan and all of its supporting documents will be available to view online on the Local Plan review webpage.

Paper copies of the documents, and the representation form and guidance note, will be available to view in the Town Hall and Crawley Library during normal opening hours.

To arrange an appointment to view paper copies of the document at the Town Hall, please email the Strategic Planning Team at strategic.planning@crawley.gov.uk.

Please indicate in your representations if you would like to be notified of future stages of the Local Plan, including the publication of the inspector’s recommendations and the adoption of the Local Plan.

For more information visit the Local Plan review webpage, email us at strategic.planning@crawley.gov.uk or call us on 01293 438624.