Written statements to inspectors’ matters, stage 1

Formal responses to the inspectors’ matters, issues and questions from all parties, including Crawley Borough Council, are provided under each matter heading below.

Please note that the examination hearing sessions are to be held in two stages, as set out in the inspectors’ examination guidance.  Find out more on the Inspector’s documents webpage.

The inspectors have requested the submission of the written statements to their matters, issues and questions for those topics being considered for stage 1 hearings (to be held in the week beginning 20 November 2023) first (by 3 November 2023).

Written responses to the stage 2 hearings (to be held in the weeks beginning 8 January and 15 January 2024) are to be provided later (by 15 December. View the written statements to inspectors’ matters, stage 2 webpage here.

Stage 1 matter statement responses

Matter 1: legal compliance and general plan-making

Council response to the inspector:

CBC/MIQ/001 v2 Written Statement Matter 1 Legal Compliance and Plan Making

Crawley Borough Council document CBC/MIQ/001 Written Statement Matter 1 Legal Compliance and Plan Making has been revised and version 2 has been reissued to correct a typo error in paragraph 1.11.5. This previously referred to the public consultations for both the Horsham District Local Plan Review and the Mid Sussex District Plan Review as being Regulation 19 consultations. This was not the case for either, and the paragraph has now been corrected to confirm these consultations were under Regulation 18

Matter 2: spatial strategy

Matter 3a: housing needs

Matter 4: economic growth

Matter 5a: Gatwick Airport

Matter 8b: character, design, and heritage – issue 2 water neutrality