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Local Plan review

Regulation 19 consultation

This consultation period ran from 20 January to 2 March 2020.

Key documents

Evidence base

Additional evidence base studies are underway and will be added to this page when complete, these include: Viability; Transport Modelling; Open Space, Sport and Recreation; Heritage; Gypsy and Traveller Needs Assessment.

Background information supporting the draft Local Plan is available in the evidence supporting the adopted Local Plan (Crawley 2030) Evidence Base.

Regulation 18 Consultation

The Local Plan was subject to “Early Engagement” consultation between 15 July and 16 September 2019. During that period, the following documents were made available:

In addition, a Call for Sites was carried out. Through this process, developers, land owners and other relevant parties were invited to submit details of any housing or employment sites that they wished to be considered as part of the Local Plan review. Documents available at that time for this, included the following: