Local Plan Review

The draft Crawley Local Plan Regulation 19 public consultation closed on 30 June. Representations received are being collated and will be made publicly available in due course. 

This consultation was seeking views on the Crawley Submission draft Local Plan. This is the next stage (known as Regulation 19) in producing a new Local Plan for the borough.

The Local Plan is an important document, setting out planning policies to guide development in the borough over the 15-year plan period. The Local Plan:

  • sets out the amount and location of housing and employment development
  • supports the growth of the Town Centre as a new neighbourhood
  • makes sure that the right infrastructure is in place to meet the needs of Crawley’s growing population
  • protects the important historic assets and open spaces that are valued by residents and visitors.

We also invited views on several accompanying key and draft evidence documents. In particular, the draft Sustainability Appraisal and draft Habitats Regulations Assessment.

Previous Regulation 19 representations

If you submitted a response to the Local Plan Regulation 19 consultation carried out between 20 January and 2 March 2020, you do not need to resubmit your response. However, we welcome new responses on the changes which have been made to the Local Plan or the new evidence documents since then.

Responses from the previous Regulation 19 consultation will be submitted in full, to the Secretary of State for the Local Plan’s examination, along with responses received in this consultation. Please let us know in writing if you would like to withdraw your previous objections.

Regulation 19 2021: Key documents

Use the separate Local Plan map document to support the Submission Draft Crawley Local Plan as the map in the main document is pixelated.

Topic papers

Evidence base

Additional background information supporting the draft Local Plan is available in the wider planning policy evidence supporting the adopted Local Plan (Crawley 2030).