Repair and renovation loans

If you own your home or rent privately and have an obligation to carry out repairs, you could be eligible for a loan to assist with the costs.

Repair loan can be awarded up to £5,000 to meet the cost of repair works.

Renovation loan can be awarded up to £8,000 to meet the cost of renovation works


Loans are means tested (based on your income and savings) to see if you need to contribute towards the costs of works. Where the loan offered is not enough to cover the full cost of the work, you would need to fund the rest.

Loans are interest free, will be subject to Legal Charge Agreement and registered as a land charge on the property. The money owed will be recovered whenever the property is sold in the future. A fee will be included to meet the cost of registering the charge against the property.

Loans are not available for repair works which are or could be the subject of an insurance claim, or for works outside those required to bring a property up to the Decent Homes standard.