Private housing disrepair

If you own your home, repair and maintenance is your responsibility. A loan may be available to assist you with the cost of repair or renovation works.

If you rent your home through a landlord, you should contact them in the first instance. If they do not rectify the disrepair, contact the Private Sector Housing Team.

Disrepair issues that we deal with:

  • Urgent matters such as not having heating or hot water
  • Dampness caused by leaking roofs, rising damp and inadequate heating
  • Disrepair such as rotten windows and doors
  • Broken or unsatisfactory amenities (such as bathrooms or kitchens)
  • Overcrowding of properties
  • Fire safety in Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO’s)

If you choose to make a complaint we will:

  • Ask you about the disrepair (what it is and how long it’s been like that)
  • Ask you whether you have reported the disrepair to the landlord and what the outcome was
  • If appropriate, we will carry out a formal inspection to identify and assess disrepair in the property
  • Depending on the severity of any issues found we may take informal action to try to resolve the situation, or pursue formal action
  • If the landlord does not complete the work, or does not complete the work to the required standard, appropriate action will be taken under the relevant legislation