Private Sector Leasing scheme

We are looking to take on privately owned homes on long term leases of between three and five years and use them to house local families in need of accommodation. 

The Private Sector Leasing (PSL) scheme is designed to help owners get a regular income from their property, while helping the community by providing accommodation for families in need. 

We offer a full management service which will give owners peace of mind and satisfaction knowing that their property is in safe hands whilst earning a steady income. 

At the end of the lease the property will be returned to the owner in good repair (accounting for fair wear and tear).

What we are looking for from the property

  • Self contained properties - two, three and four bedroom properties 
  • Leases with landlords of between 3 and 5 years duration
  • Properties to be clean, safe & secure (meeting HHSRS standards)
  • Unfurnished
  • A reasonable state of decoration throughout
  • Properties do not need to have, but will need to pass gas, electrical & asbestos surveys

What we can offer

In return for leasing properties we offer:

  • Guaranteed rent throughout the term of the lease even if your property is empty – that’s rent for 52 weeks of the year and the term of your lease without fail!
  • A lease of between 3 and 5 years with Crawley Borough Council
  • A full property management service - by a team of experienced property managers who already work for the council - the largest landlord in the town
  • The benefit of the council's repairs service, which includes access to our contractors, who already provide a full repairs service to the largest landlord in Crawley
  • An out of hours service to manage emergency repairs 
  • Annual gas servicing and a 3 star servicing contract
  • Regular property inspections to check the condition of your property

We also include a ‘lease set-up package’ as part of our scheme worth over £450. We will carry out (at no cost to you) gas and electric safety checks, an asbestos survey and obtain your EPC (energy performance certificate) if required prior to the start of the lease.

Further information about repairs

We offer a repairs service through our existing contractors.

  • We we will carry out repairs as a result of accidental damage not normally covered by insurance 
  • The landlord is responsible for the cost of other repairs and for repairs to the structure & exterior of the building (see definition of structure contained within lease)

We offer a two tiered repairs service with:

  • Repairs under £200 being completed immediately by our contractors and being recharged to the landlord (either by deduction from monthly rent or through billing)
  • Repairs costing over £201 – providing landlords with a quote for the work and then reaching an agreement as to whether our contractors will carry out or landlords' tradesperson

Find out more and register

If you're interested in the scheme or want to find out more, check out the information pack below, or email