Dogs at Tilgate Park

Tilgate Park is a great place to responsibly walk a dog. It provides a large, welcoming environment where all visitors can enjoy the wide open spaces safely and securely.

All dogs are required to be kept on a lead (maximum 2m) around Tilgate lake, the main lawn, the Peace Garden and the golf course (excluding the perimeter path) at all times. Dog mess must be cleaned up immediately.

Dogs are not allowed in these areas:

  • Children’s play area
  • Walled Garden including Marquee, Arena and The Barn (apart from assistance dogs)
  • Tilgate Nature Centre (apart from assistance dogs)

Self-service dog wash

Discover Tilgate Park's self-service dog wash, conveniently located by the main car park. This easy-to-use facility is ideal for washing your dog. The machine provides warm water, a range of shampoos and a two-speed dryer.

Assistance dogs

Assistance dogs are permitted in our Walled Garden and most of Tilgate Nature Centre. They must be kept on a lead under close control at all times.

Assistance dogs in Tilgate Nature Centre

In order to ensure the welfare of our animals and the general health and hygiene of all our guests, we only permit assistance dogs into the Nature Centre. Dogs in training and therapy or emotional support dogs are not permitted to enter.

On arrival, please report to the Nature Centre entrance to show the relevant verification for your assistance dog. This will be either a:

  • Blue Badge or PIP letter
  • Signed letter from a recognised health professional on organisational headed paper
  • Registration document (from Assistance Dogs UK or similar)

You will also need to show evidence of your assistance dog’s vaccination record. They must be wormed and up to date against distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus and leptospirosis. 

Within the Nature Centre, assistance dogs:

  • Will be required to wear an identifying harness or jacket
  • Must be on a short lead at all times and kept under control
  • Must not be allowed to defecate anywhere in the Nature Centre grounds

A water bowl can be provided upon request for assistance dogs.

We reserve the right to ask you to move away from areas in the Nature Centre if we feel a welfare issue is being created for our animals and your dog.

Assistance dogs are not permitted in enclosed areas or walkthrough exhibits as this will impact on the welfare of our animals as well as your dog. Areas to be avoided are highlighted on the map below in red. 

Assistance dogs are not permitted in enclosed areas or walkthrough exhibits in the nature centre

Hound Ground

Tilgate Park Hound Ground is a secure and enclosed paddock for off-lead dog exercise that can be hired for 55 minute sessions. Find out more and book on our Hound Ground page.

Public Space Protection Order (PSPO)

While most dog owners are responsible, it was necessary to introduce a PSPO in July 2022. This allows us to deal with the minority in a comprehensive and consistent way and tackle dog related anti-social behaviour and ensure the park is clean and safe to enjoy. See our Public Spaces Protection Orders page for more information.