Tilgate Park Hound Ground

Tilgate Park Hound Ground is a secure and enclosed paddock for off-lead dog exercise. The 0.8 acre space is set in the beautiful, relaxed grounds of Tilgate Park.


You can book for up to six dogs each session. Sessions cost £10 and last 55 minutes. You will be emailed a code for access with your booking confirmation.

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Tilgate Park
Tilgate Drive
RH10 5PQ

The Hound Ground is located behind the Walled Garden and accessed from a path around the outside of the Walled Garden.

The safest walking route takes approximately 10 minutes from the toilet block near the main car park. 

View our interactive map to find your way.

Coordinates: 51.092250, -0.182543

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Don't forget to bring some water and a travel bowl for your dog and to also slide the bolt across on the gate to prevent it from swinging open

Questions and answers

How many dogs can I bring?

A maximum of 6 dogs are allowed per session.

Can I share a booking?

Yes, you may share your session with another person as long as the total number of dogs does not exceed six.

What do I need to bring?

  • You will need to bring bags as you are responsible for removing and disposing of your dog’s waste. There is a dog waste bin by the gate of the Hound Ground for your convenience
  • Water and a water bowl
  • Your own hand sanitizer and anything you would normally take on a dog walk

Is parking available?

Yes, pay and display parking is available in the main car park (see map in the Location section above) and the fisherman’s car park near the golf course.

You are responsible for ensuring you have paid and displayed the correct amount for the duration of your stay as parking is not included. Do note that car parks are sometimes closed and can be full if there is a big event on in the park. Do allow ample time to walk up to the Hound Ground from wherever you choose to park.

How do I get in to the Hound Ground?

The gate is locked with a combination lock. The combination number is constantly changing and will be on your confirmation email. Please ensure to lock the gate behind you as you leave.

Is there a fence?

Yes, the fence is 4ft high and surrounded by overgrown plants and nettles which will discourage dogs from escaping. Slide the bolt across on the gate to prevent it from swinging open.

Is there sensory stimulation for my dog?

The ground is undulating natural ancient woodland with a range of plants, bushes and trees that you would find in any woodland to stimulate your dog’s senses and encourage exploration and play. There are fallen trunks for dogs to jump or for you to sit on. The tree canopy provides plenty of shade. Woodland wildlife may be present as they are in any natural woodland such as small mammals, rodents, adders, birds, insects and more although the presence of dogs is likely to deter them from the area.

Is there power and lighting?

No, there is no power or lighting within the Hound Ground.

Is there drinking water available?

Bring some water and a travel bowl for your dog as there is no drinking water available in the Hound Ground.

Are there any toilets within the Hound Ground?

No, the nearest toilets are within the Walled Garden but as dogs are not permitted in the area where the toilets are located, you may prefer to use the toilet block by the main car park.

Where can I dispose of my dog's waste?

There are bins all around the park and a dog waste bin next to the gate of the Hound Ground. Please ensure to remove all waste at the end of your session.

Is there anywhere to clean my dog?

Yes, there is a dog wash located near the main car park.

Who can I contact if I need to on the day?

The duty phone number for a park manager is 07730 703519.