Tilgate Park memorials and ashes

Many people have fond memories of visits to Tilgate Park and would like to remember family and friends by having a memorial here. We currently offer memorial plaques and the scattering of ashes in the Remembrance Garden.

Ashes scattering

Our dedicated ashes scattering area is in the Remembrance Garden, a beautiful azalea woodland. Ashes scattering is not permitted in any other area of the park and you must contact us to request permission before scattering ashes. The cost for ashes scattering is £60.

The service is available year-round with a minimum of one weeks’ notice on an allocated day (morning or afternoon).

Once you have chosen your date you can opt for a small, quiet ashes scattering where you can meet family and friends in the garden and have time for private reflection.

Alternatively, we can provide space for a gathering to celebrate your loved one’s memory using The Barn which can be hired separately with local catering options. Enquiries for The Barn should be sent to tilgatebarn@crawley.gov.uk.


Memorial plaques

Memorial plaques are available to install on the passage sculpture and surrounding posts in the Remembrance Garden.

There are two options for an engraved stainless steel memorial leaf plaque on a wooden post in the Remembrance Garden: 

Five years: £200
Ten years: £300

Plaque inscriptions are up to 60 characters and will be subject to lead times for engraving of the plaques. There are approximately 50 remaining spaces on the current structures.

Once the plaque is ready the parks team will install it and you will be notified. Family and friends may then visit whenever they like.


Memorial trees and benches

Each year we replenish a small number of trees and benches in Tilgate Park.

Currently this service is on hold.

Existing memorial request

If you would like an update on an existing memorial request, email tilgatememorials@crawley.gov.uk.