Contaminated land

Contaminated land is any land which appears to be in such a condition, by reason of substances in, on or under the land, that significant harm is being caused or there is a significant possibility of such harm being caused; or significant pollution of controlled waters is being, or is likely to be caused.

Responsibility for cleaning land

Responsibility for cleaning up a contaminated area:

  • Class A: Those who cause or knowingly permit the pollutants to be in, on or under the land
  • Class B: The owners or occupiers of the land

When no Class A person can be identified, then the Class B person may become liable.

Public register of contaminated land

We are required to provide a public register. A register entry is created when:

  • Land is designated a special site
  • A remediation declaration is published
  • A remediation statement is published
  • A remediation notice is served

There are currently no entries on the register as we have not determined any land as contaminated.

Contaminated land strategy

Our Contaminated Land Strategy outlines how we will deal with contaminated land within the borough. It describes how we will identify and prioritise sites for further investigation, as well as information about liability, enforcement and remediation.

A copy of the Contaminated Land Strategy is available on request.

For further information regarding any issues relating to contaminated land, contact the Contaminated Land Officer or call 01293 438764.