Construction noise

Construction sites can cause unacceptable levels of noise for those living and working nearby. Construction activities include:

  • the erection, construction, alteration, repair or maintenance of buildings, structures or roads
  • breaking up, opening or boring under any road or adjacent land in connection with the construction, inspection, maintenance or removal of works
  • demolition
  • any work of engineering construction.

To prevent noise complaints we recommend that these construction works are only carried out during the following hours:

Monday to Friday
8am to 6pm
9am to 1pm
Sunday and bank or public holidays
No noisy work at all

There are occasions when this is not possible. For example, railway works can only be carried out overnight when the rail line is not operational. This is for safety reasons.

We recommend that you discuss proposals with the Environment Health team if you want to do:

  • works outside of these times
  • very noisy works such as driven piling or demolition of large buildings

Construction work is inherently noisy. However, the best practicable means should be used at all times to prevent or minimise noise.

We have a range of powers to control noise from construction. 

If you are intending to start works and need more information email the Environmental Health team.

DIY noise

Generally DIY noise is not covered by the same restrictions.  However, even though DIY works are temporary, they must be reasonable and you must consider the effect on your neighbours.