Noisy alarms

Intruder alarms

Poorly maintained and badly installed alarms can develop faults and can become a noise problem.

If an alarm sounds for prolonged periods of time, it may also cause a statutory noise nuisance.

It is the responsibility of the homeowner to install and maintain an intruder alarm.

Vehicle alarms

Vehicles alarms can also cause serious noise nuisance if they become faulty or are not fitted professionally.

If a vehicle alarm sounds continuously for prolonged periods due to fault a Noise Abatement Notice may be served requiring the registered keeper to silence the alarm.

If the registered keeper cannot be found then an Environmental Health Officer has the power to deactivate the alarm or remove the vehicle. Should this happen, the owner of the vehicle will be liable for all costs involved.

Statutory nuisance

If a statutory noise nuisance is being committed we may take further action to investigate and carry out enforcement action against the person or people making the noise.