Sewers and foul drains

Blocked private drain

If a blockage occurs in a drain, use drain rods to clear it or employ a contractor to unblock it. Some residents may have insurance cover for this work as part of their house insurance, check with your insurance company.

If you are a tenant, contact your landlord because in most tenancy agreements they are is responsible for the drains. If you are a council tenant, call Crawley Homes on 01293 438000.

Blocked sewers

Should a blockage occur in the part of the pipe that is the sewer, contact Thames Water on 0845 9200 800.

Difference between a private drain and a sewer

A private drain takes waste from only one property. If a pipe joins up with another drain taking waste from another property it is called a sewer.

If the drain travels beyond the private property boundary before connecting with another drain, technically it becomes a sewer immediately after leaving the first property boundary.