Ashes scattering and memorials

There are a variety of options for remembrance at Tilgate Park, including ashes scattering and dedicated memorials.

Ashes scattering

The azalea woodland is our dedicated ashes scattering area. Before scattering ashes, you must complete our online form to request permission. You can also arrange to hire the Barn for a gathering.

Ashes scattering is not permitted in any other area of the park. Flowers, tributes and other memorabilia cannot be left anywhere in the park. 

Memorial plaque

You can have an engraved memorial plaque mounted on one of the oak posts along the memorial walk in the azalea woodland. The price includes aftercare for 10 years.

Plant a tree

Choose from a variety of trees and planting sites across the park. You can also arrange to have a memorial plaque next to the tree. The price includes planting and aftercare for 10 years.

Plant a shrub

You can choose to plant an azalea or other shrub in the park. The cost includes the shrub, planting and aftercare for 10 years.

Plant some bulbs

A variety of different bulbs are available including daffodils and bluebells. The price includes one square metre of bulbs, planting and aftercare for five years.

Sponsor a bench

You can sponsor a 1.2 metre wide bench made from recycled material with a memorial plaque.  The price includes the bench, memorial plaque, installation and aftercare for 10 years.


  • Ashes scattering costs £50
  • A memorial plaque mounted on an oak post in the azalea woodland costs £150
  • A shrub costs £120
  • Bulbs cost £30

There is currently a waiting list for trees and benches. If you would like either of these memorials, make a request using our online form and we will contact you to confirm the cost.

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