Local Plan publication consultations and representations

Three separate periods of statutory (Regulation 19) consultation were carried out on the draft Submission Local Plan, as part of its preparation. These were:

During the three Regulation 19 Publication Consultations, around 950 individual representations were received to the Local Plan, its policies and the other Key Documents. Over 50 representations were made in support to the Local Plan and/or individual policies.

Representations were made by a total of 158 discrete representors. Most of these submitted representations to more than one Publication Consultation. This includes representations made by 12 statutory consultees/government departments and agencies, county councils and infrastructure providers; 12 Local Authorities and Town and Parish Councils; 50 planning consultants, landowners and developers; 14 expert and lobby groups; and 67 local residents.

Representations received at each stage of public consultation are set out in tabular form, arranged by Local Plan chapter and policy in the Local Plan Consultation Statement Appendices (Appendix 4, 6 and 8). The Consultation Statement and the Appendices are on our Local Plan Review Summary page.