Outdoor gyms

There are two free outdoor gyms in Crawley, making it easier and cheaper to be more active with friends and family. The gyms are in Tilgate Park, next to Tilgate Lake, and in Goffs Park, next to the playground. They are accessible in all weather conditions and suitable for varying fitness levels. 

We also have a smaller range of equipment at Broadfield Community Centre next to the playground. 


The equipment is low impact and includes a variety of exercises that anyone can do, whether you want a moderate or vigorous workout. Watch the YouTube videos below to see the equipment in use:

The outdoor gyms are ideal for people aged 14 and above. Each piece of apparatus has a QR code that, when scanned, provides you with a video demonstration of how to use the gym equipment safely.

The equipment is designed so that you are only lifting your own body weight, improving your cardiovascular fitness, lower and upper body strength and balance.