Personal licence

A personal licence authorises you to sell alcohol or allow the sale of alcohol at a premises which has a valid premises licence. These licences are required to supervise the sale of alcohol in any premises, including pubs and off-licences.

Things to include with your application

  • A valid criminal conviction check
  • Two passport sized colour photographs and the relevant licensing qualification
  • Disclosure of convictions and declaration form
  • Proof of Right to Work (UK passport or Share code)

Once your application has been processed we will contact you to take payment of £37 over the phone.

Changes to an existing licence

If you already hold a personal licence, you can notify us of any changes using our change of details form and, if necessary, our disclosure of convictions and declarations form.

If your licence is lost or stolen

Email the Licensing team to request a replacement and include:

  • your full name and address
  • a current contact telephone number - we will call you so that you can pay the administration fee of £10.50
  • details of why you no longer have your personal licence
  • your licence number if you know it

Removing the expiry date

We automatically remove the expiry date when you make any change to your licence. To get a copy of your licence without the expiry date, please put your request in writing and include:

  • a current contact telephone number - we will call you so that you can pay the administration fee of £10.50
  • your existing licence
  • if you don't have your existing licence, please tell us why you can't return it

Please post your request to the Licensing team at:
Town Hall
The Boulevard
West Sussex
RH10 1UZ

Right to work

Applicants for premises licences, transfer of premises and personal licences must demonstrate that they have the right to work in the United Kingdom. They must also not be subject to a condition preventing them from doing work relating to the carrying on of a licensing activity. This applies to individual applicants and applications from partnerships that are not limited liability partnerships.

How to prove your right to work

You can prove your right to work in the UK by either providing any of the documents listed on the government's website or by providing a ‘share code’ to enable the Licensing Authority to carry out a check using the Home Office online right to work checking service.

For more information, visit the government's website.

Please email the Licensing team if you have any questions.