Small Business Rate relief

How to apply

Apply for Small Business Rate Relief (1 April 2012 to 31 March 2017 for Rateable Values below £12000) by emailing the completed Small Business Rates Relief form to the Rates team.

Apply for Small Business Rate Relief (1 April 2017 for Rateable Values up to £15000) by emailing the completed Small Business Rate Relief form to the Rates team.

Criteria and level of relief

If your property has a 2017 Rateable Value below £51,000, you are occupying it and you are not in receipt of Mandatory Rate Relief, your bill has been automatically calculated using the lower (Small Business) Rate Multiplier.

Additional relief may be applied for where a Ratepayer occupies just the one business property with a Rateable Value below £15,000 (or where the Ratepayer occupies more than one; but where every additional property has a Rateable Value below £2,900 and the aggregate Rateable Values for all properties does not exceed £19,999).

Empty properties do not qualify.

From April 2017, occupiers with 2017 Rateable Values up to £12,000, who meet the eligibility criteria, will receive 100% relief. Qualifiers with 2017 Rateable Values between £12,001 and £14,999 will receive relief on a reducing taper. For example, companies in receipt of Small Business Rate relief occupying a property with a Rateable Value of £13,500 will receive a reduction of 50%. 

Claiming relief

Claims for Small Business Rate relief must come from the Ratepayers, not from an agent as the Ratepayer will be declaring that they only occupy the one property in England (unless the other properties can be ignored within the qualification criteria). 

Additional properties and changes

Ratepayers have a duty to notify the Rates Team of changes and additional properties.

Existing qualifiers who subsequently occupy an additional property in England must email the Rates Team. You will retain the relief on the original property for up to 12 months if you remain in occupation.

You must also inform us if there is an increase in Rateable Value for a formally disregarded property.