CIL charging schedule

Our CIL charging schedule took effect from 17 August 2016. The charging schedule puts CIL charges on residential and retail development taking place anywhere in Crawley outside the Gatwick Airport boundary. The charge becomes payable when a development liable to CIL is started.

The charges in the schedule are based on an assessment of economic viability and have been through a formal process of examination and consultations. 

In keeping with the CIL Regulations the rates set out in the charging schedule are index-linked, with any necessary adjustment taking place at the start of each calendar year. The effective rates that will apply during the current year are set out in our annual CIL rate summary.

In some circumstances, when calculating CIL liability, the regulations allow for retained or demolished floorspace forming part of a development site to be offset against new floorspace. 

We have produced a CIL charge calculator, which can be used to indicate CIL charges for developments granted planning permission.