Other discounts

Discounts for people with disabilities

If anyone living in your home has a disability and needs an extra bathroom, kitchen or other room to meet their needs or there is extra floor space to permit the use of a wheelchair, we may be able to reduce your Council Tax. 

This relief does not apply to stair-lifts or if the only adaptation to your home is in the kitchen or bathroom. 

If you think you may be entitled to this reduction, visit the Town Hall, call 01293 438616 or email the Council Tax team.

A brief inspection may be necessary before any exemption can be considered. 

Discount for a property with an annexe

50 per cent discount applies on an annexe that is occupied by a relative of the council tax payer of the main property, or where the annexe is being used as part of the main property.

Discounts for dwellings

A 50 per cent charge applies to dwellings consisting of a pitch occupied by a caravan or mooring occupied by a boat.

Where the liable person is also liable for Council Tax for another dwelling provided to them or their spouse by reason of their employment (i.e. tied accommodation), a 50 per cent charge applies.