Organise an event

Anyone can organise an event, however if you wish to hold an event on council land you will need to ask us permission.

You can hold an event at any time of year however before planning your event, check your date and location is available.

Apply to organise an event

Street parties

If you’re thinking about having a street party and need to close your road, read through the street party guidance before you start planning. If a road closure is necessary, complete a road closure request form.

Complete road closure request form

If a road closure is not required,  select the 'apply to organise an event' link above.


There are fees associated with holding events on our land and these can vary depending upon the type, size, location and purpose of the event. Once we have more details we can advise on any charges which may be payable.


Charities, local organisations and non-commercial/community groups can benefit from a reduction in fees. You can apply for a discount as part of the application process.

Risk assessment

All events will require a risk assessment and proof of public liability insurance. Larger or more complex events will require an onsite meeting at the location to discuss your plans, a full event management plan to be submitted and consultation with our Safety Advisory Group.

If you have any questions about organising an event in Crawley email or call 01293 438049.