Published: 23 May 2023

From: Community

Crawley Borough Council want to hear your views on the potential renewal of a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO), which prohibits alcohol-related nuisance and anti-social behaviour across the town.

The council introduced the PSPO in 2020, prohibiting alcohol-related nuisance and anti-social behaviour in a public place, to address impacts that the behaviour of individuals under the influence of alcohol has on the local community and businesses.

The town centre and Memorial Gardens have been impacted by the behaviour of individuals under the influence of alcohol.

Now, the council is asking residents and businesses if they support the Alcohol Consumption PSPO being extended for three years.

The order means that it’s an offence for anyone to refuse to stop drinking alcohol and/or handover any alcohol in their possession when asked to do so without a reasonable excuse when asked to so by the police and authorised council officers.

The current PSPO has been valuable in enabling the police and our Community Wardens to apply fines when appropriate. It makes sense to continue implementing this PSPO to ensure Crawley is a safe place for our residents and visitors to enjoy.

Councillor Yasmin Khan

Cabinet member for Public Protection

Crawley Borough Council

In addition to our powers under the Licensing Act, a PSPO allows early intervention, potential seizure of alcohol and clear messages to be delivered in terms of anti-social behaviour related to alcohol. A renewed PSPO is vital in maintaining a peaceful town centre and tackling disorder and is wholeheartedly supported by Sussex Police.

Chief Inspector

Ben Starns

Crawley Police

For information on the proposed extension of the current PSPO and to complete our online survey before the closing date of Wednesday 7 June visit our consultation page.