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How the Council works


Consultation helps us to stay in touch with what our and residents and customers need and want. This is especially important when we need to make difficult decisions that affect the people of Crawley.

When you take part in a consultation you help us to make good, informed decisions and provide the best service to the town.

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Open consultations

Budget consultation

The coronavirus pandemic has had a major impact on Crawley Borough Council’s finances.

The lockdown and subsequent restrictions meant that the council’s income has significantly reduced. At the same time, expenditure on services for our most vulnerable residents increased. While the government has given us £1.4m to help pay towards this shortfall, we are still £1.2m short. This figure will grow to at least £1.7m in 2021/22.

This means that bold decisions are needed to save money in the current financial year and in future years. It’s highly likely that several council services will have to be reduced. Have your say.

This consultation closes at 8pm onThursday 5 November 2020.

Play area consultation (Chichester Close and Newbury Road)

We are seeking comments and suggestions from the public regarding potential improvements to the play areas located in Chichester Close, Tilgate and Newbury Road, Pound Hill.

Your feedback will help in shaping the concept designs to modernise the current facilities and provide improved play areas for residents.

These surveys close on Monday 19 October 2020.