Planning appeals

Who can appeal?

Only the person who has made the application, or been served the enforcement notice can lodge an appeal against the council’s decision where:

  • they feel permission has been refused unreasonably
  • they disagree with conditions placed on an approval
  • the application has not been decided in the time allowed
  • an enforcement notice has been served

There is no third party right of appeal. 

In all cases, applicants are encouraged to discuss their concerns with us to see if issues can be resolved before making a formal appeal.

When and how to appeal

Appeals must be made using the Planning Inspectorate forms available through the Planning Portal website.

The time limit for making an appeal varies depending on the type of application made.  It can range between 28 days and 6 months from the decision date. Details of the time limit for lodging an appeal are sent out with each decision notice.

Appeal a planning decision

Finding and commenting on appeals

You can search for existing appeals on the Planning Inspectorate's Appeals Casework Portal.  In some cases you can also make a representation online.

Search the Appeals Casework Portal