Ashes scattering

  • Legally anyone wishing to scatter ashes must get the landowner’s permission in advance. As ashes contain large concentrations of certain minerals which can adversely affect the soil, they may not be buried or  interned, and should not be scattered in a solid mass but evenly over a wider area taking care to note the direction of the wind
  • The council only permits ashes to be scattered in the Remembrance Garden at Tilgate Park

Memorial plaques

  • Memorial plaques are available to install year-round on the Passage Sculpture and surrounding posts in the Remembrance Garden at Tilgate Park
  • Installation will be subject to lead times for engraving of the plaques
  • Plaques can be purchased and installed for a period of either 5 or 10 years
  • Once purchased and the plaque wording agreed, our Parks Team will install the plaque and notify family and friends who may then visit at their leisure
  • The Remembrance Garden is managed by the Parks Team to ensure the area is safe, clean and well maintained. Family and friends may remove any surface dirt to the plaque using a damp cloth or tissue
  • After the chosen 5 or 10 year period has elapsed the plaque will be removed to enable space for new installations. It will be stored for a short time to allow collection by the family, or it will be recycled appropriately

All ashes and memorials

  • No flowers, tributes or memorabilia should be left in the Remembrance Garden at any time. Any that are found will be removed and disposed of by Tilgate Park staff
  • Our prices reflect the service costs to administer, purchase goods and the resources to install and maintain. Any surplus income is re-invested back into the park to help maintain, improve and develop facilities in our parks and open spaces