Published: 04 November 2021

From: Housing

Crawley Borough Council’s tenants could receive a refund after a mistake was made in calculating their rents.

The refund applies to council tenants living in existing buildings (not new builds), who have become tenants since April 2014. Existing tenancies that started before April 2014 have not been affected. 

Tenancies that have started since 2014 which are not affected include tenancies in ‘new build’ properties, for example homes in Forge Wood, Bridgefield House, Lonsdale Court and John Brackpool Court.

Any tenant who is eligible for a refund will receive a letter from the council this week, explaining what has happened and what happens next. Further information is also available on our rent corrections page.

Crawley Borough Council sincerely and unreservedly apologises for this error. All affected rents are being adjusted back to the start date of the tenancy. The overpayment of rent will be calculated and refunds will be made.

Due to the number of tenants affected, it may take some time for council officers to process refund requests. However, designated staff are specifically working on processing refunds and are undertaking this work as quickly as possible.

If a tenant hasn’t received a letter, their rent level is correct and their rent account is unaffected. We ask that they do not contact the council so that Housing Officers can work through this issue as quickly as possible.

The council is also urging tenants to beware of scammers because it’s possible they could target tenants about refunds.

For more information and answers to frequently asked questions visit rent corrections page.