Private hire vehicles

When licensing a private hire vehicle, we have to consider the need for safety, convenience, and comfort of passengers in vehicles that operate in rural, urban and motorway environments. The size and engine capacity are also considered as all vehicles are required to carry their licensed number of passengers and their luggage.

The following specifications apply to all vehicles:

  • Engines must be 1400cc minimum as badged by the manufacturers
  • Vehicles shall be coloured black, red, dark blue (such as navy blue or Westminster Blue), maroon, dark green and no other colour unless approved by us
  • Vehicles must be less than four years old unless approved by us

See our Private Hire and Hackney Carriage Licensing Policy for full private hire vehicle specifications before applying for or renewing your licence.

Email for more information. Our phone service is open between 10am and 12 noon and again between 2 and 4pm. Call: 01293 438944.

Replacing or purchasing a licensed vehicle

Before you look to replace or purchase a licensed vehicle, please make sure you read these guidance notes: