Waste and recycling questions

Where do I need to leave my bin for collection?

Place your bin for emptying just inside the edge of your property boundary, at the nearest point to the public highway.

Make sure your bin is clearly visible from the road and not blocking footpaths.

After collection, ensure your bin is stored within the boundary of your property.

Recycling can be collected from the back of your property if there is no direct access to the road or no vehicle access to the front of the property. We will let you know if we need to change your collection point.

If you live in a flat or have communal waste facilities, place any recycling for collection where your bins are stored.

Does the council provide containers for waste and recycling?

For recycling collections, a standard sized large 240 litre REDtop bin (approximately 110 cm high, 58 cm wide and 74 cm depth) is provided. Provide your own plastic carrier bags for textiles.

For rubbish collections, a standard sized 140 litre bin (approximately 110 cm high, 58 cm wide and 74 cm depth) is provided. The bin has a dark green base and a black lid.

If you live in a private flat then your managing agent or landlord is responsible for providing your bins. If you live in a flat owned or leased by the council, we will provide the bins.

Find out how to change your bin for a different size or to replace it..

Do not mark the bins with paint or similar, you do not own the bin. If you would like an address label for your bin, contact us on 01293 438772.

Will my bin be replaced if it goes missing or is damaged?

We replace recycling bins that go missing or that are accidentally damaged by the collection crew or through general wear and tear.

If damage is done deliberately or on more than one occasion during the year, you will be charged for a replacement. Call 01293 438772 to order a replacement.


What do I do if I have more items to recycle than will fit in the REDtop bin?

Put excess recycling it in a cardboard box or other suitable container next to your bin. Do not use carrier bags or sacks as this looks like normal rubbish. 

Find out how to change your bin if you struggle to fit all your recycling into one bin.


What rubbish will you collect?

We collect:

  • Normal household rubbish that can’t be recycled 
  • Broken glass, crockery and other sharp objects wrapped in paper within a bag to avoid injury
  • Used nappies and pet litter tied securely in a bag
  • Small electrical items placed in a plastic bag next to your rubbish bin

For more information about what we do and don’t collect, visit the rubbish and electricals page.

Is there a limit on how much rubbish I can place out for collection?

All rubbish must be inside your rubbish bin, placed ideally within tied carrier bags or sacks. No side waste will be collected.

To fit all your rubbish within the bin provided, reduce, reuse and recycle as much waste as possible and take advantage of all the recycling services available you. 

Households with five or more permanent residents can apply for a larger 240 litre bin, if you need the extra capacity. 

Smaller households who also regularly have additional rubbish can apply for a larger bin. After receiving your application, we will contact you to discuss your individual circumstances. Alternatively, you can take the extra rubbish to the Recycling centre at Metcalf Way.