GREENbin terms and conditions

The council will:

  1. Provide a fortnightly collection service of green garden waste throughout the year apart from a two-week break over Christmas. Changes to collection days may apply over Public Holidays and Bank Holidays. The council reserves the right to change your collection days or terminate the service if necessary
  2. Deliver a large (240 litre), green wheeled bin within two weeks of receiving direct debit details or full payment. The bin remains the property of the council and will be collected if the service is terminated by either the council or the customer. The bin may not necessarily be brand new but will be clean
  3. Charge customers an annual fee, which may rise each year to cover the cost of running the service. An invoice will be sent to you annually and will cover a period of 12 months from your renewal date. This fee will be non-refundable
  4. Replace or repair your wheeled bin free of charge (other than where this has been due to customer neglect or misuse). You may be charged £25 if this happens more than once during a year
  5. Return for missed bins normally within 24 hours and no later than 48 hours (working days only) of being reported to us (please also see requirements below)
  6. Allow residents to share a bin with neighbours. The bin must be registered with only one resident for payment purposes and will be emptied from their address
  7. Empty the GREENbin as long as it contains green waste only and is not contaminated e.g. with household waste, fruit, vegetables or recyclables, can safely be moved by the collection crew and lifted safely by the vehicle. The council’s decision in this is final
  8. Provide an ‘assisted collection’ to customers who request and qualify for this
  9. Reserve the right to charge £25 upon failure to pay for the GREENbin service, in order to cover costs for collection of the bin and administration. This excludes customers who want to withdraw from the service and inform the council before their renewal date, or withdraw part way through the year and have paid for the service

You are required to:

  1. Place your wheeled bin for emptying at the edge of your property (or other place if advised by the council) so it is clearly visible, by 7.30am on your collection days
  2. Place loose garden waste into the GREENbin (not in bags) and in accordance with the guidelines of what can and cannot be placed in the bin
  3. Make sure all garden waste is within the bin, with the lid fully closed. Garden waste placed beside the bin, or above the rim of the bin lid, will not be taken
  4. Not mark the GREENbin, other than with the address sticker provided by the council
  5. Pay for the service by the date stated on the annual invoice. Failure to pay will result in your GREENbin not being emptied
  6. Notify the council in advance of any change of address. If you move within the Crawley Borough Council boundary please take the bin with you (if you are able to do so). We will continue to empty your bin at no extra charge
  7. If collection staff have been unable to empty your bin due to contamination by other materials, please remove the contaminants before the next scheduled collection day