Bank Holiday collections

Collections will usually run one day late during the week after each Bank Holiday using the following Saturday to complete the catch-up. Normal collection schedules resume as of the week after each of these periods.

Collection schedules around Christmas and Easter, where there are several Bank Holidays in quick succession, may differ from this.

Log in or sign up to myCrawley for details of your next collection dates. Collection calendars for the full year can be downloaded via our collection days page.

Easter 2024

There will be no waste collections on Good Friday or Easter Monday.

Collections will run two days behind during the week after Easter starting with Friday's work on Tuesday 2 April and ending with Thursday's work on Saturday 6 April. 

Collections the following week will run one day behind starting with Friday's work on Monday 8 April and ending with Friday's work on Saturday 13 April.

On Saturday 13 April only, all collection crews will begin at 6.30am instead of the usual 7.30am start.

Excess waste

Over bank holidays and Christmas, we will take one additional average-sized sack or bag of rubbish for every day your collection is delayed. For example, if your collection day is usually a Monday and we collect your waste the following day on Tuesday, you can place one additional bag out for collection.