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The Town Hall is closed to visitors. Other services may have changed, see our Coronavirus (COVID-19) latest information and advice.

Disabled parking

Car parks

Blue Badge holders can park free of charge in council operated car parks. If no disabled bays are available, the vehicle may use a regular Pay and Display bay without charge. 

Blue Badge holders are not entitled to park in permit bays in off-street car parks such as Crawley Hospital and Crawley Library.

Road parking

Blue Badge holders can park on yellow lines for up to three hours with a parking clock clearly displaying the time of arrival.

Holders can park in a limited waiting bay for an unlimited period of time.
Blue Badge holders may not park:

  • On double yellow lines
  • In a bay reserved for certain classes of vehicles, such as bus stops, taxi ranks, goods vehicle loading bays and motorcycle bays
  • In an area restricted by zigzags
  • Where a loading restriction or ban is in force which is indicated by kerb markings adjacent to yellow lines or signage
  • Within 10 metres of a junction or in a manner so as to cause an obstruction

Residents parking zones

Blue Badge holders may not park in a bay marked for Permit Holders Only as outlined in the Blue Badge scheme handbook.

Blue Badge holders may park with no time restriction in Shared Use Bays, which are bays that have the entitlements of:

  • Pay and Display or Permit Holders 
  • X hours no return within X hours or Permit Holders 

Residents Permits for the first Blue Badge holder of a household will be free of charge on production of a valid Blue Badge.