Published: 04 June 2021

From: Transport and streets

The wetter and cooler month of May followed by recent settled weather has seen very fast grass growth across the town.

Residents may see longer grass for a few weeks until the growth slows down again, usually in July.

The good news is that longer grass means we should see bumper crops of buttercups and dandelions; something which proved very popular last year with residents and our bee population.

Crawley Borough Council received lots of positive feedback about the wildflower areas, so we have added more wildflower and ‘wilded’ areas around the town.

Our grass cutting programme is dependent on the weather and favourable ground conditions. Please do not park vehicles on grass verges as it ruts the surface and the mowers can’t cut. This year has been unusual because May was much cooler and wetter than normal, which meant the fast growing grass has appeared later. Neighbourhood Services staff are continuing to cut grass in all areas but over the next few weeks it’s likely to be a little longer before it’s cut.

Councillor Gurinder Jhans

Cabinet member for Environmental Services and Sustainability

Crawley Borough Council

For more details on the grass cutting service visit

During the cutting season, weekly updates are posted on the council’s Facebook page at

Grass verge