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Engagement and monitoring

Local Development Scheme

The Local Development Scheme explains which planning policy documents will be produced over the next three years, how they will be prepared and when they will be produced.

The Local Plan timetable is currently being reviewed. The Local Development Scheme (LDS) will be revised subsequently, and the updated version will be published.

However, in advance of this, the anticipated key dates and milestones are set out below: 

  • OSC: 23 November 2020
  • Cabinet: 25 November 2020
  • Full Council (publication and submission): 16 January 2020
  • Six-week statutory public consultation period: January – February 2021
  • Publication (Submission) consultation: January – February 2021
  • Submission: March 2021
  • Examination: summer 2021
  • Adoption: late 2021/spring 2022