Local Development Scheme

The Local Development Scheme explains which planning policy documents will be produced over the next three years, how they will be prepared and when they will be produced.

We have been notified by Natural England that developments within the Sussex North water supply area must not add to impacts on protected nature conservation sites, and must ensure that they are ‘water neutral’. More information on this is provided on our water resources webpage.

This has had implications for progression of the Local Plan Review, as the council must demonstrate that the level of growth identified in the Local Plan will not have an adverse effect on the integrity of designated sites, either alone or in combination. 

It is not possible for the Local Plan to legally progress until this work is concluded, Due to the complexities of this matter, the Local Plan timetable is unable to be revised until the implications of the Strategy on the Local Plan is known. Once the Water Neutrality Strategy is finalised, the LDS will be formally updated.