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Community Infrastructure Levy

CIL income and expenditure

We are legally required to prepare a report for each financial year in which we receive CIL income. This report must include:

  • total CIL income
  • total CIL expenditure
  • details of any CIL expenditure, including the items on which it was spent, and the amount spent on each item
  • CIL income retained at the end of the financial year

Receipts and expenditure must be broken down according to whether or not they form part of the share of CIL (15% or 25% where a Neighbourhood Plan is in place) which is to be passed to a parish council (where they exist) or otherwise allocated in consultation with the local community.

Please see the reports below for each financial year (1 April to 31 March) in which we have received CIL. (Please note: although the council commenced CIL charging in August 2016, no CIL income was received in the 2016/17 financial year.)