Planning pre-application advice

Benefits of pre-application advice

We encourage applicants to request advice before submission of an application, or in the post application stage before re-submission if needed because it:

  • Gives an indication on proposals that are unacceptable, which will help avoid unnecessary time spent and costs 
  • Enables early identification of the key planning issues and how you might be able to address them 
  • Describes how our policies will be applied to your development 
  • Identifies the information required for planning applications 
  • Provides an informal officer view on various aspects of your scheme

Non chargeable advice

We provide free informal advice for householders and small scale proposals, with some other exemptions. Complete the non-chargeable enquiry form if your proposal includes any of the following works:

  • Householder enquiries (alterations, extensions and creation of incidental residential outbuildings) 
  • Advertisements and minor commercial alterations and improvements, such as shopfronts or telecommunications 
  • Development proposals and changes of use for commercial properties affecting less than 99 square metres of floorspace 
  • Local voluntary organisations (except for major development proposals) 
  • Variation of conditions (except when they are complex and/or require detailed research) 
  • House in Multiple Occupation, for six or less occupants

Chargeable advice

We also provide a chargeable service for minor and major developments e.g. for one or more dwellings or non-residential developments of 100 square metres floorspace and above. If your proposal was not included in the list above or if you have any doubts, download and complete the chargeable enquiry form and send it to Development Management.

Please note that the advice we give is based on the information and supporting documents you provide. The more information you provide, the more detailed our advice will be. 

You will be able to submit a payment (if required), once you receive an invoice. 


The fee you pay will be based on the type of development and service requested. Read our guidance note to work out what payment may be required.

VAT is payable on fees for pre-application planning advice because this is a discretionary service.

Only when we have confirmation of payment will we start working on the response.